AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)


Daily driving in city requires frequent stops –not uncommon to start and stop 4 times in every kilometre. This means the battery has to cycle on and off constantly, and often needs to start the car with only a partial charge. A start stop battery will often use energy from the alternator or regenerative braking to quickly restore energy.


1. This technology is meant for the high –performance, premium Start Stop vehicles with fuel-savings technologies.

2. Constructed with advance Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology.

3. Perfect for vehicles with advance technology like regenerative braking.

4. AGM technology prevents corrosion due to acid strafication.

5. Highest performance, extreme cycle life and spill- proof.

6. Electrolyte held in the glass fleece separators exerts a uniformly high contact pressure.

7. Optimum power, energy efficiency and starting performance.

8. Extra- long service life.

9. Total maintenance free.

10. OE specifications for high performance and luxury vehicles/Hybrid vehicles (12V).

11. CO2 reductions & mileage improvements targets due to cut off when stationary.


Model NO     Voltage       AH        CCA/ EN        Length      Width       Terminal height

LN1 AGM          12V         50        400/560A          206mm     174mm           189mm

LN2 AGM          12V         60        600EN/680A     241mm     174mm           189mm

LN3 AGM         12V          70        600CCA/760A   276mm     174mm          189mm

LN4 AGM          12V         80        730CCa/800A   314mm      174mm          189mm

LN5 AGM          12V         95        800CCA/900A  352mm     174mm           189mm

AGM Battery

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