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Delkor Overview


Greetings to All Delkor Battery Customers!

Delkor Co. Ltd was established in 1985, as a joint venture with GM, the biggest automotive company in US. In 2010, with the goal of supplying unrivalled-quality automotive batteries, Delkor Co. Ltd joined the world’s largest automotive battery enterprise, Johnson Controls Incorporated and is renamed to Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation.

Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation with annual 10million capacity, makes high-quality batteries using strict quality control and provide utmost customer satisfaction. Kai Shen became sole distributor for Delkor MF Battery in Malaysia since 1999. With the 15years marketing effort of Kai Shen, Delkor Battey has since established the leading brand for MF from Korea especially in terms of quality.

Lately Delkor Battery has come up with the AGM Batteries for the Start-Stop vehicles mainly of continental make. SkyActiv technology (EEV) Mazda Start-Stop vehicles now also use EFB D23 (Q85) which produced by Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation.

As the capacity of Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation grows, Kai Shen strives hard to increase the MF market share in Malaysia without compromise on the quality and deploying customer oriented marketing strategies. In order to rise to the title of leading battery maker of the 21st century, Johnson Controls Delkor Battery Corporation together with Kai Shen will continue to provide ‘excellent quality and service’ and strive to be a company with ‘a strong foundation’ and ‘a strong core’ and a company that ‘grows through the trust of our customers’.



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