EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery)


Start – Stop Battery systems:

1. Improvement of fuel efficiency and emissions with minimum change in vehicle systems.

2. Start stop engines allows engines to be shut off instead of idling while the vehicle is stationary.

3. Co2 reductions and mileage improvement targets due to cut offs when stationary.


 1. Reduced exhaust emissions (CO2), emission regulations is getting more strict as time gets by ,year by year in developed countries.

 2. Better fuel economy.

3. Improved safety.

4. Increasing comfort and convenience.

EFB Design Features:

1. Low resistance Grid designs.

2. Optimized Silver Alloy increases the conductivity.

3. Smaller window size allows lower resistance and higher performance to 93%.

4. New Additive –Expander: DKM -1056, reduces the shrinkage of negative active material and increases  the charge acceptance.

5. High performance and life cycles (High DOD life cycle)

6. Plans to meet OE requirements -Dong Feng Honda/CA Suzuki/Mazda


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