Vision and Mission


“Kai Shen will be the Choice Supplier,  Distributor & Employer of our core Businesses and a contributing corporate citizen in Malaysia.”

  • Choice Supplier We want to be at the top of the list in our customers’ books of suppliers as we strive to maintain a cordial business relationship with our customers.
  • Choice Distributor We want to be the trusted distributor of our principals’ products by being a proactive partner who believes in a win-win business relationship.
  • Caring Employer We want to be a caring employer by providing a conducive working environment and a rewarding career to our employees.
  • Contributing Corporate Citizen We want to be a responsible corporate citizen that contributes to the community where we operate.



Our Mission  is to progress towards our Vision by committing ourselves”

  • To enrich our CUSTOMERS’ lives and to make their business successful
    by bringing to market exciting and premium quality automotive products, delivering value in the process.
  • To create and maintain a fair, challenging workplace, one that respects and empowers
    the individual and recognizes and rewards outstanding performance
    in which EMPLOYEES’ satisfaction is attained with high levels of personal and professional growth.
  • To manage the company soundly, profitably and with adequate growth to serve
    the needs & expectation of STAKEHOLDERS
    thereby increasing the value of our shareholders’ investment.
  • To actively demonstrate our role as a caring corporate citizen, preserving and protecting
    the environment and supporting communities where we operate.

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