Nexen Tire Ranked First in Performance by ACE Lenkrad

Date: 22 February 2016

● Nexen Tire’s N’blue HD Plus places 1st in overall performance tests conducted by the highly-regarded German automobile magazine, ACE Lenkrad

● The test results showcase Nexen Tire’s outstanding products and performance-driven technology, and proving its excellence in overall performance

Seoul, South Korea, February 15, 2016 – Nexen Tire, announced today that its N’blue HD Plus 195/65 R15 91V received the ‘Test Winner’ by ACE Lenkrad, a highly-regarded German automobile magazine. The tire ranked 1st in overall performance.

On February 14, ACE Lenkrad published the results of its annual summer tire test. The test included 10 models of tires from various manufacturers, and Nexen Tire’s N’blue HD Plus was tested by being equipped in Volkswagen. The test results showed that the tire topped the list among other tire models.

“It is a great honor that the ‘Test Winner’ was given to N’blue HD Plus by ACE Lenkrad this year after receiving a ‘Very Recommendable’ rating by Auto Bild last year, which proves that Nexen Tire’s outstanding products and performance-driven technology are highly regarded. We expect that this result will add further proof that the N’blue HD Plus is an ideal choice for more global car manufacturers and consumers,” said Nexen Tire. “We will continue to provide products that satisfy both the quality and pricing needs of our customers by advancing our technology to the next level of excellence.”

From the test, Nexen Tire’s N’blue HD Plus received the highest total score of 152 out of 190 for overall tests, and especially scored the highest for wet braking test with 63 out of 80 among other tests. This affirms the tire’s excellent performance in categories including, handling, breaking, and hydroplaning resistance, which are connected to the driving efficiency of a vehicle.

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