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Cutting Oil APX

CUTTING OIL APX is an emulsifiable cutting oil for use in metal working operations where maximum cooling is required. It is manufactured from selected base oils, emulsifiers, and a biocide to help control bacterial growth. It mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions providing good rust protection.



WIN CUTTING OIL APX provides the following benefits:

  • Economical to use when mixed with water in the specified rations.
  • Maximizes production rates by providing adequate cooling and lubrication of tool and work piece.
  • Forms stable emulsions.
  • Provides long emulsion life through rapid separation of chips or grinding dirt.
  • Protects against rusting of ferrous metals.



CUTTING OIL APX is used for general cutting and grinding operations in which maximum tool and workpiece cooling is required.


CUTTING OIL APX is designed to be used with water with hardness not exceeding 400 mg/kg as calcium. For water with hardness exceeding this level, a water softener is recommended.

Heat Transfer Oil

WIN HEAT TRANSFER OIL 46 is formulated from carefully selected paraffinic base stocks used for heat transfer systems. It has excellent oxidation and thermal stability and able to withstand decomposition.

heat transfer oil


WIN HEAT TRANSFER OIL 46 provides the following benefits:

  • Resistance to high-temperature degradation, thus preventing deposit and sludge formation.
  • Prevents deposit and sludge formation during operation, while the superior quality level ensures thermal stability up to temperatures where cracking starts.
  • Good demulsibility and air-separation performance, thus ensuring proper operation of the heat transfer unit, by preventing the formation of steam and air bubbles at the hottest points.
  • The heat transfer characteristics of the oil remain practically unchanged while in service, due to the very good oxidation resistance of the oil and their high temperature stability.



WIN HEAT TRANSFER OIL 46 is recommended for all ‘open’ or ‘closed’ type units with:

♦ Maximum boiler outlet temperature of 305°C.

♦ Maximum boiler wall temperature of 320°C.


When starting-up a new unit or when restarting after maintenance, and also in the case of irregular operation at normal temperature caused by residual moisture in the oil, the temperature of the unit should be reduced to around 100°C and all the steam blown off before returning to the normal working temperature.

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