Commercial Tyres

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  • KRS02

    • Whether delivering goods or transporting people to their destinations, the Marshal Tyres KRS02 is the perfect choice for comfort and safety. Its steel-belted ply construction enhances durability and stability on the road. With a sizeable tread width, it prevents uneven wear and prolongs mileage and life of the tyre. Hydroplaning resistance is also improved with its four wide groove tread pattern.
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  • Pro R10+

    • NEC Technology
    • Reinforced bead area with better rubber distribution
    • Stable tread with stiffer rib
    • Continuous shoulder rib
    • 4 longitudinal grooves
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  • Pro B10+

    • Optimized footprint contact pressure with wider tread design
    • Ventilated buttress area
    • Balanced combination of block & lateral groove offset
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